Short Questions and Answers of “A Farewell to Arms” by Ernest Hemingway

Who is Dr. Valentini?

Dr Valentini a surgeon who operates on the knee of Fredrick Henry.

What is the meaning of the title ‘A Farewell to Arms’?

A Farewell to Arms” means to bid farewell to weapons or the arms of the beloved. Henry’s farewell to war and Catherine. He leaves war and Cathrine died.

What kind of weather dominates the novel ‘A Farewell to Arms’?


Rainy weather dominates the novelA Farewell to Arms‘. Rain symbolizes destruction and death.

What do lowlands and mountains symbolize in ‘A Farewell to Arms’?

Lowlands or plains symbolize destruction, death and war. And the mountains symbolize peace, love, happiness and family.

Why does Frederic Henry plunge into the river The Tagliamento?

On the bridge of Tagliamento the Italian military police investigating from the soldiers and shooting those who were away from their convoys during retreat so, Henry plunge into the river and save himself.
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Short Questions and Answers of ‘Jazz’ by Toni Morrison

What are the major themes in ‘Jazz’?

The major themes in ‘Jazz’ are youth and old age, memories, marriage, death and isolation etc.

What is the symbolic significance of the title ‘Jazz’?

Title ‘Jazz’ is significant because the structure of the novel is on the music of ‘Jazz’ (Afro-American). Features of Jazz music is improvisational, multiple voices, repetition, historical framework and romanticism found in the structure of the novel.

Who is Dorcas?

Dorcas is a young girl living with her Aunt Alice Manfred. She has a love affair with Joe Trace but later on she loves to a young boy Acton and confronted the Joe. She was shot down by Joe Trace.

What kind of young woman is Dorcas?

Dorcas is an emotional and passionate kind of girl.

Why does Joe shoot Dorcas?

Joe shoots Dorcas
because she has love affair with Acton after Joe and she confront him.
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Short Questions and Answers of ‘Joseph Andrew’ by Fielding

Who is Mrs Slip Slop. Describe her personality in your own words?

Mrs Slip Slop is a woman servant of Lady Booby who pursues Joseph. Physically she was an ugly woman.

Who is Betty? What type of girl she is?

Betty is a warm-hearted chambermaid at Tow-wouse Inn. She has good nature but lustful.

Who is Lady Booby?

Lady Booby is the widow of Sir Thomas Booby. she is hot-blood young woman. She tries to seduce Joseph every way possible.

What is comic epic in prose?

Comic epic in prose is an epic presented comically that consist of comic hero, comic fights, comic journey etc not in poetry but in prose.

What are the major themes of ‘Joseph Andrews’?

The major themes of ‘Joseph Andrew’ are helplessness and power of goodness, affection, vanitycharity and religion, hypocrisy, and chastity, town and country, class and birth, reality verses appearance, etc.
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