Short Questions and Answers of ‘Oedipus Rex’

Questions and short answers of Oedipus Rex are presented here in three parts, It is the first part and the links of other parts are available at the end of these questions.

How does Oedipus save Thebes before becoming its king?
Sphinx placed a great plague on Thebes and if someone answered wrong it ate him alive. Oedipus answered the riddle of sphinx and sphinx suicide. This way Oedipus save Thebes.

What was the riddle posed by Sphinx to Oedipus?
Sphinx posed the riddle to Oedipus was “What goes on four feet in morning, on two feet in noon, and on three feet at evening?”.

Why do the Thebans come to Oedipus?
The Thebans comes to tell Oedipus that Thebes are hit by a horrible plague and peoples are dying.

What do Thebans think of Oedipus as their king?
Thebans think Oedipus an intelligent and caring as their king

Who is Creon?
Creon is brother of Jocasta. He was sent to Delphi to seek advice of Apollo to save the Thebes from plague. Oedipus accused him for uniting with Tiresias to grab the crown. He becomes king when Jocasta suicides and Oedipus blinds himself.
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Short Questions and Answers of ‘Joseph Andrew’ by Fielding

Who is Mrs Slip Slop. Describe her personality in your own words?

Mrs Slip Slop is a woman servant of Lady Booby who pursues Joseph. Physically she was an ugly woman.

Who is Betty? What type of girl she is?

Betty is a warmhearted chambermaid at Two-Wouse Inn. She has good nature but lustful.

Who is Lady Booby

Lady Booby is the widow of Sir Thomas Booby. she is hot-blood young woman. She tries to seduce Joseph every way possible.

What is comic epic in prose?

Comic epic in prose is an epic presented comically that consist of comic hero, comic fights, comic journey etc not in poetry but in prose.

What are the major themes of ‘Joseph Andrews’?

The major themes of ‘Joseph Andrew’ are helplessness and power of goodness, affection, vanitycharity and religion, hypocrisy, and chastity, town and country, class and birth, reality verses appearance, etc.
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Short Questions and Answers of ‘ Jew of Malta’ by Christopher Marlow

Who is Basso in the ‘Jew of Malta’?

Basso is military officer or pasha of Turkey came with Callymath.

How does Barabas  get Methias and Lodowick killed?

Barabas Killed the Mathias and Lodowick in a deceptive/fake duel. Barabas wrote a forged letter to Mathias that is supposedly from Lodowick, challenging him to a duel.

How does Ferneze treat Basso when Basso demands tribute ?

Ferneze got one month time to collect the dues for tribute when Basso demands tribute.

With whom is Abigail in love with?

Abigail is in love with Methias. He is a young man and son of Catherine. Methias also love her very much.

Why does Barabas decide to kill Ithamore?

Barabas decides to kill Ithamore because he is black mailing him.
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