Short questions and answers

What is pandemonium?

In “Paradise Lost’ Satan and fallen angels built a palace that was called ‘ Pandemonium‘. In this palace fallen angels assemble for meeting.

Define epic?

An epic is a long narrative poem on a grand scale about the deeds of heroes and warriors.

Define song?

Song is a poem in musical setting for singing or chanting with or without musical accompaniment.

Define sonnet?

Sonnet is a fourteen line poem usually in iambic pentameters with considerable variation in rhyme scheme.

Define Elegy?

Elegy is a poem of mourning giving expression to personal grief of the poet for another person usually for the died person.
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Short Questions and Answers of ‘Tale of Two Cities’ by Charles Dicken

What is the La Guillotine? What was its purpose?

La Guillotine is a machine with a razer lace with an axil and a wooden plank under it. It is used to behead by revolutionaries in the french revolution.

In witch year ‘A tale of two cities starts’? What is the name of first chapter of the novel?

The novel ” A Tale of Two Citiesstarted in 1775 and the name of the first chapter of the novel is “Recalled to Life“.

Who is Jerry Cruncher?

Jerry Cruncher is an odd-job man for Tellson’s Bank. He called himself a “Resurrection-Man,” because he digs up dead bodies and sells them to scientists.

What is the role of Sidney Carton?

Sidney Carton works with Stryver. He is in love with Lucie but Lucie love to Darney at the end of the novel he sacrifices for his beloved and take place of Darney whom resembled his appearance and beheaded.

Who is Miss Prose?

Miss Prose is the servant who raised Lucie. She is loyal to her mistress. Miss Prose is a comic character. She at the end of novel quarrel with Madam Defarge and Madam Defarge was killed by her own pistol shot.
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