Short Answers of Lamb’s Essays

Write a brief note on Charles Lamb.

Charles Lamb (1775-1834) is a poet, an English essayist and his best work is Essays of Elia and Tales from Shakespeare (children’s book).

Who is Elia in Lamb’s Essays?

Elia is the pen name or pseudonym of Charles Lamb himself in Lamb’s essays. It is taken from an old Italian clerk at South-Sea House.

Name the two dream children in Lamb’s essay.

Lamb’s essay, Dream Children is a reverie (short day dream) and in this reverie Lamb finds the Alice and John two children around him.
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Short Answers of Prose Part One

We have collected the old examination questions of
Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift
Bacon Essays by Bacon
Unpopular Essays by Bertrand Russell
Introduction to Culture and Imperialism by Edward Said
Eminent Victorian by Lytton Strachey

Florence Nightingale and General Gordon

and answered these questions as under.
We have posted these questions time to time on Nazar Bazmi’s Notes(, here we have collected all links together as under

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Short Answers of Tempest by Shakespeare

What services does Ariel perform for Prospero?

Ariel is an airy spirit or spirit of the sea. He does every task from Prospero willingly, quickly and with enthusiasm and he reports any activity he observes.

Who dethrones Prospero and why?

Antonio the younger brother of Prospero with help of Alonso who is the friend of Antonio and king of Naples dethrone him because his brother is jealous, greedy and power thirsty.

What is the reaction of Prospero when he notices Ferdinand in love with Marinda?

When Prospero notices Ferdinand in love with Marinda he speaks to himself and says “The real Duke of Milan and his far finer daughter could beat you in a heartbeat, if it were the right time”. And for examining his love for Marinda, he forced Ferdinand to do the hard work of logs stack.

How was Caliban be gotten?

Caliban is son of the witch Sycorax and his mother has died, when Prospero came Caliban is the only creature on the island. Prospero enslaves him.

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