Short Answers of Juno and the Paycock by Sean O’Casey

Write a note on the technical devices used by O Casey in ‘Juno and The Paycock’?

The technical devices used by Sean O Casey in “Juno and The Paycock” are irony and wit, pathos and horror, symbols and mythology.

How can we justify ‘Juno and the paycock’ as a tragi-comedy? Discuss briefly.

“Juno and the Paycock” is mixer of tragic and comic elements. Tragic elements are murder of Robbie, funeral of Robbie, Johnny character, Mary’s pregnancy, will did not fulfill, Johnny murder and Juno and Mary leave the home. Comic elements are Character of Boyle, character of Joxer, Johnny’s tension about the light that lit or not and the most comic event is when Joxer is hanging with window during this Boyle and Juno dancing.

Define melodrama?

Melodrama is a minor genre of drama. According to Dictionary of Literary Terms “A drama which relies on sensational happenings, violent action and improbable events. Originally melodrama meant a play with music, including early opera”.

What is O’Casey’s message about war and violence?

Sean O’Casey is against war and violence. In the play “Juno and the Paycock” he criticizes the war and violence presenting the effects of war on individual and families like Mrs. Tancred and Juno’s family. The individual like Johnny shows the irrationality of the war.

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Short Answers of Murder in the Cathedral by T.S. Eliot

What does the chorus comprise of in the “Murder in the Cathedral”?

The chorus comprise of Canterbury’s poor, common and plain women. These women are catholic and respect the Archbishop in the “Murder in The Cathedral”.

What does the chorus claim is their purpose in the action of the play?

In the play “Murder in the Cathedral” the major purpose of the chorus here to develop the action of the play. Chorus also witness the events, indicates the fore coming events, play initiated and ended by chorus and functions as critic and reformer.

In what ways is the play “Murder in The Cathedral” pessimistic and optimistic?

“Murder in the Cathedral” is a Christian play in which Thomas Becket murdered but secured the spiritual path for those who will come after him. Here Becket’s thought is optimistic.
It is pessimistic because Eliot depicts the life of suffering through the chorus’ pessimistic speeches, life of Becket, life of Canterbury’s women and the speeches of priests.

Who is singing in the play ‘Murder in The Cathedral’ when it opens?

Canterbury’s poor, common and plain women in the shape of chorus singing in the play “Murder in The Cathedral” when it opens.

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Short Answers of Crow Eaters by Bapsi Sidwa

What is the symbolic meaning of Crow Eaters?

Crow Eaters in Hindi and Urdu language means to be talkative. Parsi people are talkative so, Crow Eaters here symbolizes the Parsi’s culture.

Why Faredoon hated his mother-in-law?

Faredoon hated his mother-in-law whose name was Jerbano because she interrupted each and every work of Faredoon in home.

What was the name of Anglo-Indian girl or beloved of Yazdi?

The name of the Anglo-Indian girl and beloved of Yazdi was Rose Watson, who was a part times prostitute.

Whom the Parsi people worshiped?

Parsi people worshiped the fire and Ahura Mazda is their highest priest. They follow the prophet Zorothastra and read the holy book Vindidad.

How many communities are presented in the “Crow Eaters”?

Parsi community, Muslim community, Hindu community and English community are presented in the “Crow Eaters”.

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