How to use a Library?

Main desk or Reception

Libraries are the source of information for peoples. How we can get information from a library? let we know about the library. When we inter in a library we find reception or main desk. We can get help from the person on main desk.

Library Catalog

The catalog is a list of all the books held in library. It may be a card catalog (A number of cards  arranged alphabetically in the drawers) or a computer base catalog.

Finding a book

We can search a book by three ways first by the author name, second by the title of the book and last by the subject of the book.

Catalog card

A catalog card shows these information

  • Author:     Nazar Bazmi
  • Title:          Narrow River
  • Publisher: Lahore: Prince publisher, 2017
  • Subject:       1.  Romantic Poetry
    •                  2. Mountain life
    •                  3. Natural Imagery
  • Call No:  818.9845 M45
  • Material: Book
  • Location: Cupboard no MA3
  • Status: Available/ On loan
  • S.No: 178654

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