Short Answers of My Son, the Fanatic

Define short story?

Short story is one genre of literature and in narrative form. Its length is short that can be read in a single sitting. It has usually a single theme and loose plot. It has specific tone and style.

Write a short note on the essential elements of the short story?

There are five essential elements of short story. The elements are setting, character, plot, conflict and theme.

What is the thematic concept of My Son, the Fanatic?

It is Pervez’s thought that his son takes interest in Islam and denies the material value of life as in London Pervez himself passing his life. So, Pervez said “My son the fanatic” about Ali.

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Short Answers of History of Western Civilization

How can “Hellenic” be differentiated from “Hellenistic”?

“Hellenic” means the ancient Greek culture or civilization before the death of Alexander the Great and “Hellenistic” means the culture or civilization of Greek with fusion of Persian culture after the death of Alexander the Great.

Who was Thales?

Thales (624BC-546BC) belongs to Miletus (Millet Turkey) and was a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, mathematician and astronomer.

How would you define “animism”?

“Animism” is one religious belief about things, objects; creatures, places and universe possess soul or spirit.

How would you define “Lutheranism”?

Martin Luther (1483-1546) was the founder of “Lutheranism”. He believed that salvation was to be attained through faith and Bible is the ultimate authority not Pope. It is against the Roman Church and foundation of Protestants.

Who was Cromwell?

Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) was an English military leader later he served as Lord Protector of Common Wealth.

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Short Questions with Answers of TEFL

What are the effective principles of language teaching in Pakistan?

The effective principles of language teaching are provide maximum opportunity to learn, maintain academic focus, have high expectations, show enthusiasm, use different strategies for students motivation and productivity, familiar to unfamiliar, easy to hard task and use clear instructions.

Should all the TEFL teacher be dynamic? Explain briefly.

Yes, should all the TEFL teacher be dynamic because the learning material is rapidly changing and use of technology in teaching learning process is increasing day by day.

Some vocabulary items are hard to teach than the others. Comment

Some unfamiliar vocabulary items are hard to teach than familiar items because unfamiliar item needs different strategies to teach like etymology of words, words associations and synonyms antonyms.

List some factor affecting foreign language learning in Pakistan.

Factors affecting foreign language learning in Pakistan are political instability, religious discrimination, non-availability of budgets and non-availability of language laboratories and equipment.

How will you differentiate between TEFL and TESOL?

TEFL stands for Teaching of English as Foreign Language. It means teaching of English in a country where English is not native language. For example: teaching of English in Pakistan.
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