Evaluation of Research Report

Title Evaluation

  • Is it clear and concise?
  • Is it fully covered the topic?

    Research Problem Evaluation

  • Is it clearly stated?
  • Is it properly delimited?
  • Is it recognized significant?
  • Are research questions and hypothesis clear?
  • Are assumptions and limitations appropriate?
  • Are important terms defined?

Literature Review Evaluation

  • Is it adequately covered?
  • Are important findings noted?
  • Is it well organized?
  • Have it effective summary?
  • Is it justify by the researcher?

Methodology Evaluation

  • Is research design described in detail?
  • Is sample described?
  • Are data collection tools appropriate?
  • Is methodology valid and reliable?
  • Is statistical treatment appropriate?

Data Analysis Evaluation

  • Are tables and figures appropriate?
  • Are textual discussions clear and concise?
  • Is data relationship and analysis logical?
  • Is statistical interpretation accurate?

Conclusion Evaluation

  • Are results discussed in length adequately?
  • Are limitations of the findings enumerated?
  • Are applications of the findings clear?
  • Are suggestions for further study appropriate?

General Evaluations

  • Is length of report appropriate?
  • Are citations layout appropriate?
  • Is page layout appropriate?
  • Are font sizes appropriate?
  • Is font family appropriate?
  • Is bibliography written alphabetically?
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