Kinds of novel

Epistolary Novel

In this type of novel the story is narrated through letters sent by the observer or by those who participating in the events. Example 18th century’s novel ‘Richardson’s Pamela and Clarissa etc.

Gothic Novel

In this type of novels the cruel passions and supernatural terror is presented. Example: Monastery or Haunted Castle etc.

Historical Novel

This type of novel set in particular historical period and describes the manner and event of that period. characters may be imaginary or real persons. Example: Novels on world war one etc.

Psychological Novel

In this type of novel the character’s inner feeling, ideas, spiritual and mental development is concentrated rather than external actions. Example: To the light house by Virginia Woolf etc.

Picaresque Novel

This type of novel consist of series of adventures happen to the hero. It is usually episodic and with a simple plot.

Sentimental Novel

This type of novel is designed to describe and evoke tender feelings and sensitivity. The other name of this type novel is Mawkish.

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