Short Questions and Answers of ‘Jazz’ by Toni Morrison

What are the major themes in ‘Jazz’?

The major themes in ‘Jazz’ are youth and old age, memories, jazz music, marriage, death and isolation etc.

What is the symbolic significance of the title ‘Jazz’?

Title ‘Jazz’ is significant because the structure of the novel is on the music of ‘Jazz’ (Afro-American). Features of Jazz music is improvisational, multiple voices, repetition, historical framework and romanticism found in the structure of the novel.

Who is Dorcas?

Dorcas is a young girl living with her Aunt Alice Manfred. She has a love affair with Joe Trace but later on she loves to a young boy Acton and confronted the Joe. She was shot down by Joe Trace.

What kind of young woman is Dorcas?

Dorcas is an emotional and passionate kind of girl.

Why does Joe shoot Dorcas?

Joe shoots Dorcas
because she has love affair with Acton after Joe and she confront him.
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Different kinds of meter used in poetry


One Unstressed/unaccented syllable followed by one stressed/accented syllable is called iambic. (x, -)

Example: the gun, that time, behold etc.


One Stressed/accented syllable followed by one unstressed/unaccented syllable is called Trochaic. (-, x)

Example: deadline, numbers, tell me etc.


Two unstressed/unaccented syllables followed by one stressed/accented syllable are called Anapestic. (x, x, -)

Example: of a voice, of the world etc.


One stressed/accented syllable followed by two unstressed/unaccented syllables is called Dactylic. (-, -, x)

Example: murmuring, just for a etc.


Spondaic consists of two stressed/accented syllables. (-,-)

Example: true blue, heartbreak etc.
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Short Questions and Answers of ‘Prologue to the Canterbury Tales’ by Geoffrey Chaucer 3

Why are the showers of April sweet?

In Europe the month of April is pleasant and beginning of spring season. So, the poet says it the showers of April sweet.

Why is Chaucer called the father of English Poetry?

Chaucer was the first who had written poetry in English language. Before Chaucer there were different dialects but Chaucer used one and gave it worth and made it a language.


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