Short Answers of Crow Eaters by Bapsi Sidwa

What is the symbolic meaning of Crow Eaters?

Crow Eaters in Hindi and Urdu language means to be talkative. Parsi people are talkative so, Crow Eaters here symbolizes the Parsi’s culture.

Why Faredoon hated his mother-in-law?

Faredoon hated his mother-in-law whose name was Jerbano because she interrupted each and every work of Faredoon in home.

What was the name of Anglo-Indian girl or beloved of Yazdi?

The name of the Anglo-Indian girl and beloved of Yazdi was Rose Watson, who was a part times prostitute.

Whom the Parsi people worshiped?

Parsi people worshiped the fire and Ahura Mazda is their highest priest. They follow the prophet Zorothastra and read the holy book Vindidad.

How many communities are presented in the “Crow Eaters”?

Parsi community, Muslim community, Hindu community and English community are presented in the “Crow Eaters”.

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Short Answers of History of Western Civilization

How can “Hellenic” be differentiated from “Hellenistic”?

“Hellenic” means the ancient Greek culture or civilization before the death of Alexander the Great and “Hellenistic” means the culture or civilization of Greek with fusion of Persian culture after the death of Alexander the Great.

Who was Thales?

Thales (624BC-546BC) belongs to Miletus (Millet Turkey) and was a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, mathematician and astronomer.

How would you define “animism”?

“Animism” is one religious belief about things, objects; creatures, places and universe possess soul or spirit.

How would you define “Lutheranism”?

Martin Luther (1483-1546) was the founder of “Lutheranism”. He believed that salvation was to be attained through faith and Bible is the ultimate authority not Pope. It is against the Roman Church and foundation of Protestants.

Who was Cromwell?

Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) was an English military leader later he served as Lord Protector of Common Wealth.

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Short Questions with Answers of ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding.

What are the two traits the every human soul possesses in view of Golding?

Good and evil are the two traits the every human soul possesses in view of Golding.

Which character has the strongest religious sensibility in Lord of The Flies?

Simon has strongest religious sensibility in ‘Lord of The Flies’. He is Christ like and saintly character.

Give symbolic illustration of title Lord of the Flies?

The pig’s head surrounded by flies called by Simon as Lord of the Flies, the Jack as lord and surrounded by other children like flies.

Which boy would rather hunt than build huts?

Jack would hunt rather than build huts. His motto is to providing the meat to children and showing his savagery and violence.

Where is Jack’s tribe headquarters?

Jack’s tribe headquarters is on the castle rock.
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