Short Answers of Ruskin’s Essays

Is Ruskin a social reformer?

Ruskin is an art critic, social critic and social reformer. In his essay ‘Work’ he criticizes the industrialization and class differences.

What is the theme of Ruskin’s essay “Work”?

Effect of industrialization on human and class differences is the main theme of Ruskin’s essay “Work”.

What is an essay?

An essay is a piece of writing in straightforward language about a particular topic or subject. Normally writer makes his point of view, evaluate, analyze or criticize a topic or subject. Essay can be divided into two types formal and informal essays.For example: Ruskin’s Essays and Lamb’s Essays.

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Short Answers of Every Man in his Humour

Why does Bobadill beat Cob in Every Man in his Humour?

Captain Bobadill beat Oliver Cob with cudgel because Captain Bobadill have the habit of smoking and Oliver Cob made insulting remarks about tobacco’s smoking in the Every Man in his Humour.

Who is Tib in ‘Every man in his humour’?

Tib is the wife of Oliver Cob in ‘Every Man in his Humour’.

What is Kitty’s sister called?

Kitely’s lovely sister is called Bridget. She is courted to Mathew but married to Adward Knowell at the end.

Of what is Captain Bobadill fond of in the “Every Man in his Humour?

Captain Bobadill is fond of quoting the terms of Elizabethan plays, especially from Spanish Tragedy. His account of fake military career’s stories is limitless.

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Short Answers of Lamb’s Essays

Write a brief note on Charles Lamb.

Charles Lamb (1775-1834) is a poet, an English essayist and his best work is Essays of Elia and Tales from Shakespeare (children’s book).

Who is Elia in Lamb’s Essays?

Elia is the pen name or pseudonym of Charles Lamb himself in Lamb’s essays. It is taken from an old Italian clerk at South-Sea House.

Name the two dream children in Lamb’s essay.

Lamb’s essay, Dream Children is a reverie (short day dream) and in this reverie Lamb finds the Alice and John two children around him.
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