Short Answers of Fireflies in the Mist

What was the pen name of Quratul-ain-Haider?

Quratul-ain-Haider is an Indian novelist and her pen name is “Ainee Apa”.

Discuss the themes of Fireflies in the Mist?

The major theme of the novel is the connection between different identities and faithfulness. Other themes are conflict between colonizers and colonized, political activism, partition, migration and music.

Name the minor characters of Fireflies in the Mist?

There are many minor characters in the novel “Fireflies in the Mist” some of them are Abdul Qadir, Bhavtarni, Najma, Nasira, Yasmin etc.

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Short Answers of Waiting for Godot

Introduction: Short answers of Waiting for Godot the Modern Drama includes mostly asked questions in university’s examinations.

What is an absurd play?

An ‘absurd play’ is a play in which the meaninglessness and purposelessness is presented. There is very less action but dialogues are presented.

What are the nicknames of Estragon and Vladimir?

The nick name of Estragon is “Gogo” and the nick name of Vladimir is “Didi” in the play ‘Waiting for Godot’.

What is meant by Existentialist Philosophy?

Existentialist philosophy or Existentialism is the theory in which each and every individual have his choice, what to do either suicide or exist instead of following the rules of some religion etc.

Why is “Waiting for Godot” in two acts?

Play ‘Waiting for Godot’ is divided into two acts to show the passage of time. Both the acts presented almost in similar manner only few things changed, leaves on tree, Pozzo blind and Lucky dumb etc.

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Short Answers of Stylistics

What is formal style? Discuss.

Formal style is a style of language use for the purpose of uniformity. It is less personal than informal style, It is used for professional and academic purposes like formal letters or documents used in different professions. Also, format of assignments, thesis and formal style of hosting on the stage.

What is the main purpose of a literary text?

Literary text can move the mind and heart. The main purpose of literary text is different according to different critics. According to Romantic critics the main purpose of literary text is aesthetic pleasure and entertainment. On other hand, According to Classical critics the main purpose of literary text is reformation of society and culture.

Differentiate between Alliteration and Consonance as the elements of musicality.

Alliteration is the repetition of similar initial consonant sound in word, phrase or line of poetry. Whereas, consonance is repetition of similar final consonant sounds in a phrase or line of poetry.

How cohesion is created in a literary text? Give examples.

Cohesion is logical connection between words, sentences and paragraphs that text becomes integrated whole. The use of transition words, pronouns, repetitive structures and contrast makes the literary text coherent. For example words or phrases are connected with grammatical and lexical relations and sentences with and, then, after— etc. Paragraphs with initial, final, first, last, following, preceding— etc.

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