Short Answers of drama Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare

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How The Merchant of Venice is a romantic comedy?

The Merchant of Venice is a romantic comedy because it is rich in romantic elements like the events; lottery of caskets, great and gripping trial scene, young maiden acts as a lawyer and becomes the savior of virtue in trouble, and lyrical poetic beauty in the last scene.

How The Merchant of Venice is a tragic comedy or tragi-comedy?

The Merchant of Venice is mingling of comic and tragic elements like happy ending for Antonio, Bassanio, Portia and Jessica but tragic for the Shylock.

Who is the real merchant of Venice Antonio or Shylock?

The real merchant of the Venice is Antonio because in the opening scene of the play he is presented as rich merchant that his rich ventures, tossing on the oceans. He has worldwide trade but Shylock is only cruel money lender and usurer.

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Short Answers of “A Passage to India” by E.M. Forster 1

Introduction: A Passage to India Questions & Short Answers provides mostly asked questions in university examinations.

Who was Nawab Bahadur in A Passage to India?

Nawab Bahadur was a rich landlord in Chandra pore. When Dr. Aziz was arrested and natives were in rage, he handled the situation tactfully.

Give a brief character sketch of Dr. Panna Lal?

Dr. Panna Lal was colleague of Dr. Aziz at Minto Hospital. He was clever and selfish person.

Give a brief character sketch of Amrit Rao?

Amrit Rao is a well reputed lawyer in Indian natives and the member of defense counsel of Dr. Aziz when he is under trail. He is anti-British and the compensation of twenty thousand was mentioned by him.

What do you know about the character of Mr. and Mrs. Turton?

Mr. Turton, the Collector was a experienced bureaucrat and chief personality of Chandra pore. He arranged the bridge party for Miss Adela and Mrs. Moore that they might meet with natives. Mrs. Turton was his wife and she was irritable and haughty.

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Short Answers of A Passage to India by E.M. Forster

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Write down the names of three parts of the novel “A Passage to India”?

E.M.Forster’s novel “A Passage to India” is divided into three parts. These parts are Mosque, Caves and Temple.

Write down at least three symbols used in “A Passage to India”?

Symbols used in “A Passage to India” are passage, mosque, caves, temple and echo.

Who hurt Dr. Aziz in the beginning of novel A Passage to India?

Civil Surgeon summoned Dr. Aziz but when he arrived at his house, he had gone without leaving any message for Dr. Aziz and Surgeon’s wife took his tonga without permission and even without thanking him.

Who shows her desire to see real India?

She is Miss Adela Quested prospected fiancee of Ronny Heaslop who wants to see real India.

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