Short Answers of “Faerie Queene” by Edmund Spenser

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Why was Knight Red Cross accompanying Una?

Lady Una appealed Queen Gloriana to help her because her father and mother enclose in a castle by a dragon. Queen Gloriana of Faerie Land has employed the Red Cross Knight to go with Lady Una to kill the dragon that is destroying the land and seizing Una’s parents imprisoned.

Who was Archimago?

Archimago is a magician, deceitful and an antagonist next to Duessa. He is a magician skillful of varying his own look but at the end his magic is proven weak and unsuccessful.

What appeal does Una make to the Queen?

In the annual twelve-day feast by Queen Gloriana, it is custom that anyone who is in trouble can appear before the court and ask for help. Lady Una complains that her parents are seized in a fortress by a dragon. The Red Cross Knight proposes to help her.

What role does Archimago play in “The Faerie Queene”?

Archimago plays the role of a deceiver and a magician. He disguises himself as Red Cross Knight in an effort to get Una. He misguided the Una and Red Cross Knight through lies and false appearances.

Why does Knight Red Cross help Lady Una?

On the appeal of Fair Lady Una, Queen Gloriana of the Faerie land sent Knight Red Cross to go with Lady Una to kill the dragon that seized the Unna’s parents in a fortress.

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