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Nazar Bazmi

Welcome to www.nazarbazmi.com

I have always been one who liked to help. This blog, in a way, is my attempt to “help” in some small way and has been on my mind for years, actually. I’ll explain.


I would take a moment to explain why I started this blog and more importantly what value I think YOU can get out of it.

When I have started literature study I passed through many problems as non-availability of books, few books available but written in difficult English that a second language learner cannot understand it, and critical analysis of the topic was not available.

I began to take interest in blogging. I started learning how to create a blog, how to code and how to maintain it. I did lot of research, reading many eBooks I could. I read many articles, used various tools to learn the tricks of the trade. My curiosity for learning the latest web technologies such as HTML, CSS and WordPress that equipped me with the skill of web design.

I have learned and developed few skills in this time and I can definitively argue that I have grown both professionally and personally.

I thought it would be a really good idea to help educate others and raise awareness along the way. I want to share what I have learned so far and what I continue to learn through blogging so that I can be of assistance in some way to improve their knowledge.

Why www.nazarbazmi.com is important? It is important that all it have which you miss on other sites. Moreover, it is written in easy language, questions with short answers, topics are critically analyzed and the information not available in print media you also found here.

Hopefully by reading this blog you will be inspired to develop a love of learning and you will find all the information that I present to be really valuable. There are so many more that you will see through my blog posts and topics you want to discuss. I look forward to your involvement.


I am very thankful to all my blog readers for commenting and reading my blog, it means a lot to me!

I always do my best to respond to all the emails.

You may contact me on

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Thank you.

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