Short Questions and Answers of ‘Prologue to Canterbury Tales’ by Geoffrey Chaucer 1

Note: Questions for Prologue to the Canterbury Tales with Short Answers is a collection of important examination questions.

What is the important about the fact that ‘The Prologue’ is set in the month of April?

In Europe the month of April is pleasant and beginning of spring season. Spring is symbol of the creation of new lives. So, “The Prologue” is set in the April.

Who was St. Thomas A. Becket?

St. Thomas Becket was the Archbishop of Canterbury and he was murdered by King Henry II’s knights. Because he refused to give the monarchy power over the church.

What is Chaucer’s contribution to English Literature?

Chaucer found English a dialect and left it a language. He gave the new shape to verse and rise to drama. He is also called the grandfather of English novel.

Which dialect did Chaucer use for his poetry?

In Europe four prominent dialects were used Southern, Northern, Midland and Kentish but he used the East Midland dialect in his poetry.

What is the purpose of ‘The Prologue’?

The Prologue” has dual purpose first to reveal the characters for story and second it is satire on the contemporary society of Chaucer.

What was the plan of Canterbury Tales?

The plan of Canterbury Tales is that everyone tells a story and who tells the best story a supper will give him paid by all the pilgrims.

How many pilgrims are making the journey to Canterbury?

Thirty pilgrims were making the journey to Canterbury.

Why are the pilgrims going to Canterbury?

The pilgrims are going to worship the relics of Saint Thomas Becket to Canterbury.

By what devices does Chaucer reveal his characters?

Chaucer reveals his characters by general description, association, they show their nature in the recitation of their tales and by the comments of the host.

Why did the associated people stay at Tabard Inn?

They were pilgrims and by chance had fallen in fellowship. They wanted to ride to Canterbury.


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