Short Questions and Answers of ‘Prologue to Canterbury Tales’ by Geoffrey Chaucer

Note: Questions for The Prologue to Canterbury Tales with Short Answers were got from different  examinations of Literature students.

Define poetry?

Poetry is one genre of literature in which rhythmic and aesthetic qualities of language is used. It may be in verse or meter with or without symbolism, imagery, simile and metaphor etc.

Define alliteration?

The repetition of initial consonant sounds of words close together in a phrase or line of poetry is called ‘Alliteration’. Examples:

  • Dark drop
  • Tip top
  • Breeze blue
  • Cold coffee

What do you mean by accent?

Accent is the significant stress on the syllable or emphasis a syllable. It is denoted by (/).

What is apostrophe?

Apostrophe is a figure of speech in which poet addresses a died or absent person, abstract idea or personification like Walt Whitman’s poemO captain, my captain”.

How is a simile different from a metaphor?

Simile is a direct comparison of two things by using “as” and “like” and metaphor is as one thing is described as being another thing.

Define humor?

Humor is a literary work in which a character, dialogue or situation seem funny/ amuse-able/ laughable or ludicrous.

Define irony?

“The contrast between appearance and reality is called irony“.  There are many types of irony like irony of dialogue, irony of situation and irony of character etc. What a character says and what he actually means? is the irony of dialogue. What a character thinks himself and what he actually is? What he desires but what actually occurs? are the irony of characterWhat a character believes and what the readers know? What we had expected and what actually happens? are the irony of situations.

Define satire?

Satire is a formal term usually applies to written literature. It is ridicule of human folly and vices with the purpose to bring about reform.

What do you understand by understatement?

Understatement is a literary device in which a writer or speaker attributes less importance or less passion than the subject would demand. For example, “a bit cold at the North Pole”.

What do you understand by Renaissance?

Renaissance means “rebirth”. It is rebirth (change) of literature, society, culture and religion after middle ages (14th to 17th century).

Who wrote the Canterbury Tales?

Canterbury Tales was written by the father of English poetry Geoffrey Chaucer.

When was the Canterbury Tales written?

Canterbury Tales was written between 1387 and 1400 AD.

When was Canterbury Tales published first?

Canterbury Tales written by Geoffrey Chaucer was published in 1400 AD.

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