Critical analysis of “Casting And Gathering” by Seamus Heaney

Critical Analysis of Casting and Gathering by Seamus Heaney includes introduction, definition of title, political and didactic purposes and style.


Poem is dedicated to Ted Hughes who is a fisher man and friend of Seamus Heaney.

Definition of the title


Casting means throwing/ put a side. It also refers to right hand side political party “ The Capitalists” their motto was “individual is everything”.


Gathering means to collect/ harvest. It also refers to left hand side political party “ The Socialists” their motto was “individual belong to society”.

Political purposes

This poem shows the conflict between two political parties Capitalists and Socialists. The purpose of both the parties is same as the well being of humanity. Seamus Heaney used the words Hush and lush means fear of war and hope of progress. Due to the conflict between two parties peoples feels the fear of war and have the hope of progress. Seamus Heaney Writes that They can compromise on their action or to make their commitment better they escape for the time being and makes new strategies.
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