Short Questions and Answers of ‘Joseph Andrew’ by Fielding

Introduction : Question and Short answers of Joseph Andrew by Henry Fielding includes the important questions with short answers. And characters like Mrs Slip Slope, Betty, Lady Booby, Parson Adam, Parson Barabbas and Fanny.

Who is Mrs Slip Slop. Describe her personality in your own words?

Mrs Slip Slop is a woman servant of Lady Booby who pursues Joseph. Physically she was an ugly woman.

Who is Betty? What type of girl she is?

Betty is a warmhearted chambermaid at Two-Wouse Inn. She has good nature but lustful.

Who is Lady Booby

Lady Booby is the widow of Sir Thomas Booby. she is hot-blood young woman. She tries to seduce Joseph every way possible.

What is comic epic in prose?

Comic epic in prose is an epic presented comically that consist of comic hero, comic fights, comic journey etc not in poetry but in prose.

What are the major themes of ‘Joseph Andrews’?

The major themes of ‘Joseph Andrew’ are helplessness and power of goodness, affection, vanitycharity and religion, hypocrisy, and chastity, town and country, class and birth, reality verses appearance, etc.

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