Short Answers of Othello by Shakespeare

Give a brief estimate of Iago’s wife?

Iago’s wife was Emilia and she was attendant and companion of Desdemona in Cyprus. She was a young, virtuous and faithful wife and loyal to Desdemona also. She followed her husband in wifely duty and at the end of the play she condemned her husband’s lies to protect Desdemona’s character.

How does Othello kill Desdemona?

In the last act Othello tells Desdemona that she is disloyal and he is going to stab her. Desdemona requests for mercy and claims her innocence but he refuses and stab her.

What is Othello’s opinion about unexposed Iago?

Othello’s opinion about unexposed Iago is that he is kind and honest man but it is ironical because in reality he is opposite.

Why is Brabantio dismayed about Desdemona?

Brabantio was father of Desdemona. He dismayed about Desdemona when he realized that she has married to a moor Othello. The main reason was that Othello was a black and Moorish.

What qualities of Othello do win the heart of Desdemona?

The qualities of Othello that win the heart of Desdemona are the tales of wars, his adventures and endurance before coming to Venice that told to Desdemona. Desdemona says that my heart is subdued for the Othello’s visage and honor.

Why does Iago stab his mistress?

Iago does not tell anything that why he stab his mistress but it is very clear from the story that Emilia tells the truth and condemn the lies of his husband so, in revenge he stab her.

How does Iago exploit Rodrigo?

Rodrigo is an emotional person. He does not think on reason so, Iago exploit Rodrigo through his emotions. Iago tells Rodrigo that money can get anything even Desdemona’s love thus he get money from Rodrigo.

What sort of women was Emilia?

Emilia the wife of Iago and attendant of Desdemona is a young, virtuous, intelligent and with emotional flexibility. She is faithful wife and loyal servant.

Why does Iago not like Othello?

Iago does not like Othello because Othello has made Casio his lieutenant who has no military experience instead of Iago who has military experience.


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