Study Skills 1st term

Short Answers and some other topics of Study Skills are collected from previous examinations are as under:

Short Answers of Study Skills

Introduction to Dewey decimal classification

How to use a library

These Study Skills’ topics explained and answered time to time on and in this post I have collected all these links together as follows:
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Short Questions and Answers of Study Skills

Introduction : Study Skills : Questions with Short Answers. It includes terms definitions like mnemonics, acronyms, footnotes, rote memory, Brainstorming, SQ3R and skimming etc.

What are Mnemonics?

Mnemonics is a device or procedure used to improve memory. In Mnemonics Acronyms and Acrostics are used.

Define Brainstorming?

Brainstorming is a technique used to collect different ideas. A group of peoples think on a problem and each member contribute his idea.

What is active learning?

Active learning is a teaching approach in which students involve themselves in activities. Like reading, discussion, writing and problem solving etc.

What is SQ3R?

SQ3R is a reading method and stands for survey, question, read, recite and review.

What are the most important dictionary skills?

The most important dictionary skills are alphabetically arrangement of words, guide words and dictionary entry reading.

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Different kinds of meter used in poetry


One Unstressed/unaccented syllable followed by one stressed/accented syllable is called iambic. (x, -)

Example: the gun, that time, behold etc.


One Stressed/accented syllable followed by one unstressed/unaccented syllable is called Trochaic. (-, x)

Example: deadline, numbers, tell me etc.


Two unstressed/unaccented syllables followed by one stressed/accented syllable are called Anapestic. (x, x, -)

Example: of a voice, of the world etc.


One stressed/accented syllable followed by two unstressed/unaccented syllables is called Dactylic. (-, -, x)

Example: murmuring, just for a etc.


Spondaic consists of two stressed/accented syllables. (-,-)

Example: true blue, heartbreak etc.

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