Introduction of Dewey Decimal Classification

Introduction : Introduction of Dewey Decimal Classification & how to use a library? It provides explanation of Decimal system used in library management for searching a book.

Melvil Dewey 1873 classified the Writings and books into ten main classes. As the name suggests decimal classification. This classification helps us to arrange the books in library and search a book from library. This classification is as follows:

  • 000 : Computer, Information technology.
  • 100 : Philosophy, Psychology.
  • 200 : Religion.
  • 300 : Social sciences.
  • 400 : Language.
  • 500 : Science.
  • 600 : Technology.
  • 700 : Arts and Recreation.
  • 800 : Literature.
  • 900 : History and Geography.

First figure shows main category, Second shows sub category and third figure shows the sub sub category. After, three figures point is used after point next figure show further sub category and so on like:

  • 800 : Literature
  • 810 : Poetry
  • 811 : Sonnets
  • 811.1 : Shakespearean sonnets

So, 811.1 means it is a book of literature sub category is poetry, sub sub category is sonnets. And sub sub sub category is Shakespearean sonnets.

How to Use a Library?

Find desk or Reception

Libraries are the source of information for peoples. How we can get information from a library? Let, we know about the library. When we inter in a library we find reception or main desk. We can get help from the person on main desk.

Library Catalog

The catalog is a list of all the books held in library. It may be a card catalog (A number of cards  arranged alphabetically in the drawers) or a computer base catalog.

Finding a book

We can search a book by three ways. First by the author name, second by the title of the book and last by the subject of the book.

Catalog card

A catalog card shows these information

  • Author:     Nazar Bazmi
  • Title:          Narrow River
  • Publisher: Lahore: Prince publisher, 2017
  • Subject:       1.  Romantic Poetry
    •                  2. Mountain life
    •                  3. Natural Imagery
  • Call No:  818.9845 M45
  • Material: Book
  • Location: Cupboard no MA3
  • Status: Available/ On loan
  • S.No: 178654

Book Stacks

The book stacks are the library shelves or cupboards. Where books are arranged according to their Call Nos. Call Nos are written on the catalog card for every book. It is printed on the spine of the every book in the library.

To search a book first we search in catalog card by any one of them, author name, book’s title or subject. After finding catalog card we note location and Call No from catalog card. And goes to that location and search same Call No written on the spine of the book.

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