Short Answers of A Passage to India by E.M. Forster

Note: A Passage to India short Answers includes mostly asked questions in different examinations of BS and Master level.

Write down the names of three parts of the novel “A Passage to India”?

E.M.Forster’s novel “A Passage to India” is divided into three parts. These parts are Mosque, Caves and Temple.

Write down at least three symbols used in “A Passage to India”?

Symbols used in “A Passage to India” are passage, mosque, caves, temple and echo.

Who hurt Dr. Aziz in the beginning of novel A Passage to India?

Civil Surgeon summoned Dr. Aziz but when he arrived at his house, he had gone without leaving any message for Dr. Aziz and Surgeon’s wife took his tonga without permission and even without thanking him.

Who shows her desire to see real India?

She is Miss Adela Quested prospected fiancee of Ronny Heaslop who wants to see real India.

Who is Dr. Aziz?

Dr. Aziz is the hero of the novel. He was an able Muslim young doctor and later in the novel appointed as Chief of the medical service of the state of Mau. He is a handsome, sentimental and emotional person.

What are the major themes in A Passage to India?

The main theme is universal love surpasses race, religion and politics. Other themes are colonizers and colonized, religion, race and justice.

Define parochial characters?

The Parochial characters are focused on or restrained to the past (hidebound) or extremely conventional and admirers of insensible conventions. For example: Ronny Heaslop, Major Callendar and Turton.

Define vital characters?

The Vital characters are men of deep devotion and feeling. They learn from their experiences and grow gradually. For example: Mrs. Moore and Fielding.

Define the character of Fielding?

Cyril Fielding is sympathetic and modern man. He is the Principal of the Government College in Chandrapore. He has good relation with Dr. Aziz and helps him when he was accused by Miss Adela Quested.

Define the character sketch of Mrs. Moore?

Mrs. Moore was the mother of Ronny Heaslop, Stella and Ralph. She was a mystical and philosophical character. She was kind to Indian natives.

Who is Miss Adela Quested in the novel A Passage to India?

Miss Adela Quested came to India with Miss Moore to meet her fiancee Ronny Heaslop. Her look was plain and unattractive. She was young and friendly but had no attraction of youth.

What do you know about Prof. Godbole in A Passage to India?

Professor Godbole was an elderly man with grey mustaches. He represented Hinduism and a foil to Dr. Aziz. He was an intelligent man and had philosophical outlook on life.

What type of person Ronny Heaslop is in A Passage to India?

Ronny Heaslop was the son of Mrs. Moore from her first husband. He was a magistrate in Chandrapore. He had imperialist nature and did not like natives.

Define the character of Hamidullah?

Hamidullah was the barrister of Chandrapore and he got the highest education among the Indians. When Dr. Aziz was arrested he file the application for bail.

Define the character of Vakil Mahmood Ali?

Mahmood Ali was the friend of Dr. Aziz and member of the defense counsel of Dr. Aziz when he was on trial. Mahmood Ali hated Englishmen.

What does echo symbolizes in A Passage to India?

Echo symbolizes the overwhelming negation that Mrs. Moore loose her mind, Miss Adela gets hallucination and the union in section one shattered in section two.

What is the relation of Dr. Aziz with Hamidullah?

Dr. Aziz has no direct relation with Hamidullah but Hamidullah’s wife is distant relative of Dr. Aziz.

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