Short Answers of “A Passage to India” by E.M. Forster 1

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Who was Nawab Bahadur in A Passage to India?

Nawab Bahadur was a rich landlord in Chandra pore. When Dr. Aziz was arrested and natives were in rage, he handled the situation tactfully.

Give a brief character sketch of Dr. Panna Lal?

Dr. Panna Lal was colleague of Dr. Aziz at Minto Hospital. He was clever and selfish person.

Give a brief character sketch of Amrit Rao?

Amrit Rao is a well reputed lawyer in Indian natives and the member of defense counsel of Dr. Aziz when he is under trail. He is anti-British and the compensation of twenty thousand was mentioned by him.

What do you know about the character of Mr. and Mrs. Turton?

Mr. Turton, the Collector was a experienced bureaucrat and chief personality of Chandra pore. He arranged the bridge party for Miss Adela and Mrs. Moore that they might meet with natives. Mrs. Turton was his wife and she was irritable and haughty.

Who is Miss Derek in A Passage to India?

Miss Derek is a humorous character. She made fun of the Maharajas and Ranis. She roamed in Chandra pore in Maharaja’s car. At the end of novel she had illicit relations with McBryde.

What is the role of Major and Mrs. Callendar?

Major Callendar is a civil surgeon at Minto Hospital and Dr. Aziz work under him. He is distrustful and proud and wanted that natives should be treated brutally. Mrs. Callendar is his wife and she is worse than him.

Give a character sketch of Mr. and Mrs. McBryde?

Mr. McBryde is the superintendent of police in Chandra pore and at end of novel he have illicit relation with Miss Derek. Mrs. McBryde, his wife is a nurse in a hospital and she is cruel to natives. She divorce him when she knows that he have illicit relation with Miss Derek.

Who was Ralph in A Passage to India?

Ralph was the son of Mrs. Moore from second husband and come to India after the death of Mrs. Moore. He was attacked by bees in a Muslim Shrine in Mau and roughly treated by Dr. Aziz. His attitude was like her mother Mrs. Moore.

Who was Stella Moore in the novel A Passage to India?

Stella was the daughter of Mrs. Moore from second husband. She married with Fielding and come to India with Fielding after her mother’s death.

What is the purpose of Bridge Party?

The purpose of the Bridge Party is that Miss Adela Quested and Mrs. Moore get chance to meet with native Indians.

What is the significance of Fielding’s tea party?

The significance of Fielding’s tea party is that it is opposite to the Turton’s bridge party. Purpose of bridge party is to unite the Britain and natives but result is opposite and in the Fielding tea party that really unites the Britain and natives.

Define flat characters?

Flat characters some time called caricatures, are one dimensional and built around a single idea or quality. A flat character is best when he is comic.

Define round characters?

A round character is capable of change and development. He can surprise us in a cunning way.

What Mosque symbolizes in A Passage to India?

Mosque symbolizes cool weather where the atmosphere was favorable for union and understanding.

What did caves symbolized in A Passage to India?

Caves symbolize the India as the caves are mystery the India is beyond comprehension. Caves also symbolize the evil and hollowness of life.

What does temple symbolizes in A Passage to India?

Temple symbolizes the reconciliation as Aziz and Ralph, and Aziz and Fielding reunited in the third section.

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