Short Answers of To the Lighthouse

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To the lighthouse” is the novel about modern man and woman?

NovelTo the Lighthouse” is written in the modern era and the story revolves around the characters of Mr. Ramsey and Mrs. Ramsey.

Was Virginia a complete pessimist? Why does she commit suicide?

Virginia is not completely pessimist. Actually, her two houses were destroyed one by one in world war one that made her mentally unstable.

How does Augustus Carmichael infuriate Mr. Ramsay at dinner?

In the novel Augustus Carmichael asked for the more soup at dinner that infuriates Mr. Ramsey.

What does Lily decide to move to the center of her painting?

Lily decides to move the tree to the center of her painting.

How does Andrew Ramsay die?

Andrew Ramsey dies by fighting in the world war one.

Where are James and his mother planning to take a trip?

James and his mother are planning to take a trip to the lighthouse.

List the name of three sections of “To the Lighthouse”?

NovelTo the Lighthouse” consists of three sections and these are Window, Time pass and Lighthouse.

How did children feel about Mr. Tansley?

Children feel that Mr. Tansley is miserable and sarcastic brute.

What is the significance of stream of consciousness in “To the Lighthouse”?

Stream of consciousness is significant in To the Lighthouse because it helps to reveal the character’s thought.

Which character in the novel (To the Lighthouse) originally asks to go to the light house?

In the novel six year old James originally asks to go to the lighthouse.

Define stream of consciousness?

Stream of consciousness is the flow of series of thoughts one after another.

Which style Virginia Wolf used in the novel To the Lighthouse?

Virginia Wolf used the Stream of Consciousness technique in the novel To the Lighthouse.

Which advertisement is presented in the novel To the Lighthouse?

In the novel To the Lighthouse the advertisement of Circus Show is presented.

Mr. Carmichael is addicted with?

Mr. Carmichael is addicted with opium.

What are the themes of the novel To the Lighthouse?

There are many themes in the novel like difference of characters in thought, effect of time on characters and fulfillment of goals and promises etc.

Why Lily’s painting does not complete?

Lily’s painting does not complete due to disturbance of thought and unclear vision.

Write down a good quality of Mrs. Ramsey character?

Mrs. Ramsey’s best quality is that she knows the psychology.

What does James and Cam think about their father?

James and Cam thinks about their father that he is an angry person and they dislike him.

Which thing Mr. Ramsey gives to James and Cam in the boat?

Mr. Ramsey gives the sandwiches to James and Cam in the boat.

Who is steering the boat at the end of the novel?

At the end of the novel James is steering the boat and Cam at his right and Mr. Ramsey on left.

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