Compare and Contrast between Epic and Tragedy

Introduction : Epic & Tragedy Aristotle’s Poetics includes definition, comparison and differences. Introduction to Aristotle Aristotle was born at a Greek colonial town in 384 B.C. He was a philosopher, moralist, psychologist, logician and a literary critic. He was the student of philosophic school of Plato in early age but in his old age he […]

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Aristotle’s theory of “Imitation”

Introduction: Aristotle’s concept of Imitation is explained from Poetics point of view. Plato’s idea of imitation Plato gives the example of carpenter who is making a bed. The idea of bed in the mind of a carpenter is real and bed is copy of that idea. So the idea of nature by God is real and

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Short questions and answer

Define peripeteia? The unexpected change or turn of event that brings hamartia to light is called ‘Peripeteia‘. Define anagnorisis? Hero’s recognition of error or hamartia is the anagnorisis. Define catharsis? Catharsis is emotional release of pity and fear that tragedy has aroused in audience. Define climax? When protagonist’s fortune reach its highest point before the

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