The Critical Analysis of “The Second Coming by W.B.Yeats”

The Second Coming analysis arranged in a way that first comes introduction then main themes, poem’s description, Yeats’ vision of second coming,  knowledge from vision, style analysis and word’s meaning.


The second coming” was written in 1921. It is  best known and significant poem of W.B.Yeats. It is also important that it is appropriate to the present age.

Main themes

The main themes are the second coming of The Christ, the revival of faith and revival of civilization in the poem The Second Coming.

The disorders after crucifixion of Christ

This line “Turning and turning in the winding gyre” means the cycle of life like Cycle of Christ ( birth – prophet – crucified – rebirth). Means frequent changes occurred.

This line “The falcon cannot hear the falconer” means civilization or Christianity is unable to understand the teaching of the Christ or god. They were divided in Catholic and Protestant.

This line “Things fall apart; the center cannot hold” means Christianity or church loose the control on people, and people disbelief and left traditions.
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