Short Answers of The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot

The first half of the novel ‘The Mill on the Floss’ is much concerned with education. How?

In “The Mill on the Floss” the first half of the novel is concerned about the education of Tom and Maggie and differences of mode of education between Tom Tulliver and Maggie. The title of book two is School-Time also.

What does the river Floss symbolizes?

River generally symbolizes life but river Floss in this novel is the source of income and destruction for Tulliver’s family. River Floss also symbolizes Maggie’s character, the depth of Floss presents deep emotions of Maggie and unpredictable paths of Floss represent the Maggie’s thoughts.

What are some noble features of Bob Jakin’s personality?

As a whole Bob Jakin character is nice and cool. He helps Tom to earn money, he helps Tom family when they bankrupt and he gives books to Maggie are the major noble features of Bob Jakin .

How flood is symbolic in the novel ‘The Mill on the Floss’?

Generally flood symbolizes destruction and in this novel it symbolizes the destruction of Tulliver family.

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