Short Questions and Answers of ‘ Jew of Malta’ by Christopher Marlow

Introduction : Jew of Malta by Christopher Marlow Questions with Short Answers includes character sketches and Important questions of the drama with short answers.

Who is Basso in the ‘Jew of Malta’?

Basso is military officer or pasha of Turkey came with Callymath.

How does Barabas  get Matthias and Lodowick killed?

Barabas Killed the Mathias and Lodowick in a deceptive/fake duel. Barabas wrote a forged letter to Mathias that is supposedly from Lodowick, challenging him to a duel.

How does Ferneze treat Basso when Basso demands tribute ?

Ferneze got one month time to collect the dues for tribute when Basso demands tribute.

With whom is Abigail in love with?

Abigail is in love with Matthias. He is a young man and son of Catherine. Matthias also love her very much.

Why does Barabas decide to kill Ithamore?

Barabas decides to kill Ithamore because he is black mailing him.

What does Ferneze suggest for calymath in the end of ‘ Jew of Malta’?

Ferneze imprisoned the Callymath in the end of the play “The Jew of Malta“.

What action Barabas take against his ‘ converted daughter’?

Barabas killed his ‘converted daughter’ by poisoning.

What guise does Barabas have to kill Ithamore?

Barabas in the guise of French musician poison the Ithamore and Ithamore die.

What is Barabas reaction on the death of Abigail?

Barabas celebrates the successful plan of poisoning the nuns. He is only grieved that his daughter lived long enough to become a Christian.

Write the names of four plays of Marlowe?

The names of the four plays of Marlowe are Tamburlaine, Doctor Faustus, The Jew of Malta and Edward ll.

What is the setting of the play ‘The Jew of Malta’?

The setting of the play “The Jew of Malta” in Malta in 1565 When Turk besieged the island of Malta.

What are the major themes of ‘The Jew of Malta’?

The major themes of “The Jew of Malta” are Machiavellian Strategy, revenge, hypocrisy, love and avarice, wealth, lies and deceit, justice, judgment, religion, prejudice and politics.

Name the religious groups mentioned in ‘The Jew of Malta’?

The religious groups mentioned in “The Jew of Malta” are Christians, Jews and Muslims.

Who is bellamira?

Bellamira is a courtier and prostitution. She has only few customers, Pilia Borza is only attendant.

Whom did Abigail love?

Abigail loved to Matthias. Who is the son of Catherine. he is a young man and also loving her.

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