Questions with Short Answers of Literary Theories and Criticism

What is meant by signifier?

A signifier is a sign (symbol, image or gesture), sound or word which signified something. The word “tree” is a signifier and signifies the real object tree or the concept of tree.

Define repression?

Repression in Psychology is restricting the disturbing thoughts, impulses and desires from conscious mind and drives them to unconscious mind.

Name the three parts of human psyche?

According to Sigmund Freud the three parts of human psyche are id, ego and superego.These parts of human psyche developed the complex behavior of a person.

How meanings are described in Deconstruction theory?

In Deconstruction theory the meanings were taught always uncertain and in this theory they got plurality of meaning through decentering the text.

What is the difference between determinate and indeterminate meaning?

Determinate meanings are unquestionably settled, fixed and have defined limits but indeterminate meanings are not fixed, vague and have no defined limits.

Name any three known feminist critics?

Virginia Woolf, Kate Millett, Elaine Showalter, Germaine Greer, Adrienne Rich and Helene Cixous were the famous feminist critics in the world.

Describe the three waves of feminism?

First wave feminism (1830-1950) focused on women rights of property and contract.
Second wave feminism (1960-1980) focused on workplace, sexuality, family and reproductive rights.
Third wave feminism (1990- present) focused on gender equality.

Postmodernists questioned the rationality of modernism, its principles and thinking. Comment?

Postmodernists belief in chance and transience, all things are irrational and that there is no universal truth so, they questioned the rationality of modernism, its principles and thinking.

What is meant by langue?

Langue is the process in mind which follows the rules and regulations (grammar) of language structure.

Who is the founder of Deconstruction? Write the name and year of his book also?

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