Short questions and answer

Define peripeteia?

The unexpected change or turn of event that brings hamartia to light is called ‘Peripeteia‘.

Define anagnorisis?

Hero’s recognition of error or hamartia is the anagnorisis.

Define catharsis?

Catharsis is emotional release of pity and fear that tragedy has aroused in audience.

Define climax?

When protagonist’s fortune reach its highest point before the falling action that point in tragedy is called climax.

Define burlesque?

Burlesque is large scale parody of not a single poem but whole style of literature is parodied or ridiculed. Language and thought is proper to serious theme being reproduced in trivial or ridicule setting.

Define pathos?

Movements that evoke the strong feelings of sorrow and pity in the work of literature is called pathos.

Define plot?

Plot is the soul of tragedy. It is the arrangement of events in a logical sequence.

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