Short Answers of Crow Eaters by Bapsi Sidwa

Introduction: Short answers of Crow Eaters by Bapsi Sidwa a Novel includes questions with short answers. And important terms definitions that used in the novel Crow Eaters.

What is the symbolic meaning of Crow Eaters?

Crow Eaters in Hindi and Urdu language means to be talkative. Parsi people are talkative so, Crow Eaters here symbolizes the Parsi’s culture.

Why Faredoon hated his mother-in-law?

Faredoon hated his mother-in-law whose name was Jerbano. Because, she interrupted each and every work of Faredoon in home.

What was the name of Anglo-Indian girl or beloved of Yazdi?

The name of the Anglo-Indian girl and beloved of Yazdi was Rose Watson. Who was a part times prostitute.

Whom the Parsi people worshiped?

Parsi people worshiped the fire and Ahura Mazda is their highest priest. They follow the prophet Zorothastra and read the holy book Vindidad.

How many communities are presented in the “Crow Eaters”?

Parsi community, Muslim community, Hindu community and English community are presented in the “Crow Eaters”.

Who add salt into drinking water in order to get married?

Yazdi adds salt into drinking water in order to get married. He want to marry with Anglo-Indian girl.

Discuss the personality traits of Faredoon and Putly.

Faredoon was a handsome man with soft voice and pleasant heart. He was hard working and clever man.
Putly was an obedient wife, She obeys each and every order of her husband. She was an Indian house wife.

Who steal the money from Katy’s room?

Billy (Behram Junglewala ) steals money from Katy’s room, to teach her that not to be careless about money.

What is the name of Parsi’s funeral place?

The name of the funeral place of Parsi religion is “Sky towers” or “Silent towers”. Where they left dead body for ex-carnation and dispose of.

Who steal the ring from the washroom?

Behram (Billy) steals ring from the washroom.

What was the last advice of Freddy to his children?

Freddy advises his children that if state meets partition. They will on the side of rulers and the purpose of their lives will always be obey the rulers.

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