Short Answers of Lamb’s Essays

Write a brief note on Charles Lamb.

Charles Lamb (1775-1834) is a poet, an English essayist and his best work is Essays of Elia and Tales from Shakespeare (children’s book).

Who is Elia in Lamb’s Essays?

Elia is the pen name or pseudonym of Charles Lamb himself in Lamb’s essays. It is taken from an old Italian clerk at South-Sea House.

Name the two dream children in Lamb’s essay.

Lamb’s essay, Dream Children is a reverie (short day dream) and in this reverie Lamb finds the Alice and John two children around him.

Define prose?

Prose is a Latin word and it means straightforward or direct. Prose is straightforward language, it is not in any kind of meter or verse form, it is exact description and like clear scientific report.

Is Lamb nostalgic in his essay?

Yes, lamb is nostalgic in his essays. His essays are full of nostalgia (past memories). For example: In the Lamb’s essay “The Christ’s Hospital five and thirty years ago” presents the Lamb’s school and childhood days.

Why is Lamb afraid of death?

Lamb is afraid of death because his father was died and his sister Mary Lamb who is insane killed her mother with knife.

What do you understand by the term Renaissance?

Renaissance means rebirth or reawakening. It is rebirth of the literature. It is a literary movement (fourteenth to seventeenth century) in which the traditional ideas and rules of middle ages were broken and new literature is produced with new ideas. Greece and Roman literature rediscovered. Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe are the main writers of the Renaissance.

What is romanticism?

Romanticism is a literary and art movement started in late eighteenth century to mid of nineteenth century in Europe. It emphasizes the imagination, the individual, the subjective, the spontaneous and the emotional, and rejected the classicism and materialism.


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