Short Answers of My Son, the Fanatic

Introduction : Short Answers of My Son the Fanatic by Hanif Qureshi includes important questions, explanation of short story, elements of short story & kinds of short story.

Define short story?

The short story is one genre of literature and in narrative form. Its length is short that can be read in a single sitting. It has usually a single theme and loose plot. It has specific tone and style.

Write a short note on the essential elements of the short story?

There are five essential elements of short stories. The elements are setting, character, plot, conflict and theme.

Enlist at least three kinds of short stories?

There are many kinds of short stories like flash fiction, anecdote, fable, feghoot or story pun, frame story and vignette.

What is the thematic concept of My Son the Fanatic?

It is Pervez’s thought that his son takes an interest in Islam and denies the material value of life as in London Pervez himself passing his life. So, Pervez said “My son the fanatic” about Ali.

What is the plot of “My Son the Fanatic”?

The main plot is the life of Pervez who is migrated from Pakistan to England and works as a taxi driver. He involved in European culture and forgot Islamic teachings. The sub plot is the life of his son Ali. Who is a student, but he left his study. Because, he thinks that European education promotes a materialistic approach that is anti-religious. He also contempt’s his father’s attitude towards materialistic life.

In ‘My Son, the Fanatic’ why did Ali give up his studies in according?

In ‘My son, the fanatic’ Ali gives up his studies because he thinks that the European education promotes the materialistic approach that is anti-religious.

What is the pseudonym of Hanif Kureishi?

Hanif Kureishi under the pseudonym Antonia French and Kareem has started his career as a pornography writer in 1970.

How the character of ‘Ali’ in ‘My Son the Fanatic’ is represented?

The character of Ali is represented as an accountant student. Who gave up his studies and started life as a religious person. He also disapproves the non-Islamic attitude of his father.

Why does Pervez go to Ali’s bedroom in the beginning of the story?

 Pervez goes to Ali’s bedroom to seek clues. That why Ali’s behavior is strange.

What was the answer of Ali when his father asked, why you did not play your guitar?

Ali replied, ‘There are more important things to be done.’

How effects the Pervez, the change behavior of Ali?

Pervez could not sleep. He drinks more whisky even at work.

What was the profession of Pervez in My Son the Fanatic?

Pervez was a taxi driver in My Son the Fanatic.

What type of dilemma is presented in My Son the Fanatic?

In short story My Son the Fanatic the dilemma of living in a cross-cultural society is presented.

What Ali said at the end of the story?

Ali said, ‘who’s the fanatic now?’ at the end of the story.

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