Reviews on Short Story “The Tallest Woman” written by Maham Javaid

Short reviews on The tallest Woman a short story by Maham Javaid includes the introduction of the author and the short story.

About the Writer of short story “The Tallest Woman”

            Maham Javaid is a journalist and a writer. She got her early education from Karachi Grammar School. Then, bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences (Sociology and Anthropology) from LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences). And master’s degree in Near and Middle Eastern Studies 2013-2015 from New York University.

She has already written for The News on Sunday, Herald. She worked as freelance journalist in Aljazeera English. Currently, she is the 2019-2020 Finberg Fellow at Human Rights Watch in New York City. She is a freelance journalist and a contributing editor at Naya Daur. From Jan 2010 – May 2011 she was research assistant at LUMS Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Lahore, Pakistan. Her work focused on human rights, gender inequality, sexual harassment, ethnic and racial issues.

Reviews on The Tallest Woman a Short Story

The short story “The Tallest Woman” is prize winning short story (Zeenat Haroon Rashid’s writing competition). Written by Maham Javaid and published on 22nd December, 2019 in Dawn. Her short story was selected from near 500 short stories received from different authors in the 2019 competition.


It is a fiction’s story about a girl that was living in a town and growing taller and taller. The basic theme of the story is social mobility, initially unacceptable things (being too much tall) brought problems and misery. But, later same things (being too much tall) brought power and happiness.


The plot progress slowly towards the climax. Before, climax she and her mother faced many social and feminist issues. And climax (Surgeon’s attempt to sexual harassment of Zainab) is the biggest issue. But, it brings transition from sadness to happiness, isolation and loneliness to popularity.

Before climax she had presented issues but after climax she had given explanations of these issues. Like, the character of Mullah Shakir before climax is little expressed with compare to after climax.

Writer’s intention

In this short story Maham Javaid highlighted the many social issues. Like, fear, envy, marriage, social media, domestic exploitation. And political issues like confiscation of lands by military, corrupt leaders, non-functional police and less medical facilities.

Maham Javaid’s short story is a master piece that presented major feminist issues, social issues, political issues and religious issues prevailing in Pakistan now a days.

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