Short Questions and Answers of ‘Rape of the Lock’ by Alexander Pope

How far does Ariel succeed in guarding Belinda?

Ariel totally fail to guarding Belinda because Belinda has lost her beautiful lock.

What is the role of Ariel in “The Rape of the Lock”?

The role of the Ariel in ” The Rape of the Lock” is to guard and guide the Belinda.

Where did Belinda’s lock finally go?

Belinda’s lock finally goes to the lunar sphere.

Who is Betty and What duties she does?

Betty is maid servant of Belinda and she helps her in her toilet.

Name the pet dog of Belinda?

Shock is the name of the pet dog of Belinda.

Define Mock-epic?

Mock-epic is a long satirical poem written in lofty and exalted manner of an epic with trivial subject.

Define an epic?

An epic is a long narrative poem on grand scale, about the deeds of heroes and warriors.

Define allegory?

An allegory is a story, character or an event with dual meanings one surface meanings and other deep/ figurative meanings.

Define satire?

Satire is a formal term, usually applied to the written literature. It is ridicule of human follies and vices, with the purpose of bringing about reform.

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