Short Questions and Answers of “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller

Introduction : The Crucible Questions with Short Answers by Arthur Miller includes Terms definitions. And answers of the important questions of American drama The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

What is a crucible?

A crucible is a container used to melt metals on very high temperature. A crucible also means severe test or trial.

Why did Arthur Miller write “The Crucible”?

Arthur Miller wrote “The Crucible” because he has a story. And through this story he satire on the event in 1950s in which the communist were killed.

Why was Abigail dismissed from her job at the Proctor’s house?

Elizabeth Proctor dismissed Abigail from her job at the Proctor’s house. When Elizabeth Proctor knows her affair with her husband John Proctor.

How does Abigail thrives on the attention of all in the court and become the center of excitement?

Abigail thrives on the attention of all in the court. And becomes the center of excitement by pretending witch hunting.

Why does Abigail accuse Proctor’s wife?

Abigail accuses Proctor’s wife of witchcraft. Because, Elizabeth dismissed her from job. And secondly she want to remove her that she herself can marry to John Proctor.

What are Abigail’s feelings towards John Proctor?

Abigail is in love with John Proctor. She had sexual relations with him for seven months. When she dismissed from job and meets him at Parris house she was advancing. And thinking that Proctor love her but cannot express due to his wife.

Why does John Proctor confess his act of adultery?

Proctor confesses his act of adultery with Abigail to defend his wife. And to shows the real character of Abigail in the court.

Why has Proctor refused to let Parris baptize his third child?

Proctor refused to let Parris baptize his third child. Because, he thinks that Parris is not true representative of God and has more concern with money.

How does Elizabeth deal with Abigail when she comes to know of illicit relations between Proctor and her?

Elizabeth when know that Abigail has illicit relations with Proctor. She dismiss her from service.

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