Short questions and answers of ‘Paradise Lost’

What is pandemonium?

In “Paradise LostSatan and fallen angels built a palace that was called ‘ Pandemonium’. In this palace fallen angels assemble for meeting.

Define epic?

An epic is a long narrative poem on a grand scale about the deeds of heroes and warriors.

Define free verse?

Free verse is a type of poetry has no regular  meter and line length. It depends on natural speech’s rhythms and stressed and unstressed syllables.

Define blank verse?

Blank verse is one kind of poetry written in unrhymed iambic pentameter. It’s meter is natural to English language.

What does the title of “Paradise Lost” refer to?

The title of the “Paradise Lost” refers to the Biblical story of Adam and Eve eviction from the Garden of Eden.

What is the setting of “Paradise Lost”?

The setting of the “Paradise Lost” in first two books is Hell and in rest of the books mostly the setting is Eden.

What is the subject of “Paradise Lost”?

Subject of “Paradise Lost” is the eviction of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.

Who are the main characters of “Paradise Lost”?

The main characters are Adam, Eve, Satan, Beelzebub, Angel Michael, God and the Son in the “Paradise Lost”.

Why Adam and Eve were expelled from Paradise?

Adam and Eve were expelled from Paradise because they had eaten the forbidden fruit.

Why does Eve eat the forbidden fruit?

Eve eats the forbidden fruit because Satan in the guise of serpent tells her that she will get the gift of speech by eating this fruit.

Is Eve to blame for the fall?

It is difficult to blame only Eve for the fall because Eve eats by the deception of Satan and Adam eats forbidden fruit on Eve request.

What is the subject of “Paradise lost”?

The subject of Paradise Lost is the disobedience of Adam and Eve and eviction from the garden of Eden.

What is the difference between the Satan of book-I and that of book-IX?

Satan in book one is most courageous and like hero but in book nine the Satan is weak.

Why did Satan plan to take revenge on Adam?

Satan plan to take revenge on Adam because it is easy target for him.

What is the theme of “Paradise Lost”?

The major theme in Paradise Lost is biblical story of Adam and Eve and their disobedience.

Explain ” to reign in Hell is better than serve in Heaven“?

These words spoken by Satan in book one. It means it better that rule in hell than obedience to God.

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