Short Questions with Answers of ‘The Cherry Orchard’ by Anton Chekhov.

What is the significance of the axe falling in ‘The Cherry Orchard’?

The significance of axe falling in ‘The Cherry Orchard’ is that it shows the end of cherry orchard and end of feudalism and rise of capitalism.

What does Yepikhodov carry with him all the times?

Yepikhodov carry with him a revolver all the times. Just in case to kill oneself.

Why does Madame Ranevsky suffer much?

Madame Ranevsky’s luxurious life, her generosity, her refusal to accept capitalism and her refusal to accept the truth of her past love becomes the causes of her sufferings.

Give a brief estimate of Yasha.

Yasha is grandson of Firs and a young man servant of Madame Ranevsky. He traveled to France and came back to Russia with Ranevsky. He exploits Dunyasha’s love for physical pleasure and he is very fond of cigar.

What does Charlotta’s character represent in “The Cherry Orchard”?

Charlotta Ivanovna is the governess to Anya. She is comedian, performing magic tricks and mocking their pre-occupations which around her.

How is Dunyasha an especially ironic character?

Dunyasha is an ironic character because she is a maid servant but dreams being an aristocratic lady and powders her face like a lady.

What are the major themes in ‘The Cherry Orchard’?

Process of socio-political changes in Russia, Past memories, Social change and progress, end of feudalism and rise of capitalism, liberation of serfs, class conflict, choices and consequences, appearance and reality, passivity and apathy are the major themes in ‘The Cherry Orchard’.

What are the major symbols in ‘The Cherry Orchard?

Cherry orchard, breaking string, axe falling, bunch of keys and imaginary billiard game are the major symbols in ‘The Cherry Orchard’.

Define tragi-comedy.

Tragi-comedy is one kind of drama. It consist of both the elements of tragedy and comedy.

Is ‘The Cherry Orchard’ a tragedy or comedy?

Cherry Orchard is tragi-comedy because it has both the elements of tragedy and comedy.

Who buys the Cherry Orchard?

Lopakhin buys the Cherry Orchard.

What is Yephikodov’s nick name?

Yephikodov’s nick name is twenty two calamities.


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