Short Questions with Answers of ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding.

Introduction: Questions with Short answers of the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding includes the important questions asked in different University examinations.

What are the two traits the every human soul possesses in view of Golding?

Good and evil are the two traits the every human soul possesses in view of Golding.

Which character has the strongest religious sensibility in Lord of The Flies?

Simon has strongest religious sensibility in ‘Lord of The Flies’. He is Christ like and saintly character.

Give symbolic illustration of title Lord of the Flies?

The pig’s head surrounded by flies called by Simon as Lord of the Flies, the Jack as lord and surrounded by other children like flies.

Which boy would rather hunt than build huts?

Jack would hunt rather than build huts. His motto is to providing the meat to children and showing his savagery and violence.

Where is Jack’s tribe headquarters?

Jack’s tribe headquarters is on the castle rock.

What tool or tools do the boys use to make fire?

Boys gathered the woods and used the Piggy’s glasses to make fire.

Write the names of four novels of William Golding.

Names of novels written by William Golding are The Inheritors, Free Fall, The Pyramid, Pincher Martin and Darkness Visible.

What is the setting of ‘Lord of the Flies’?

‘Lord of The Flies’ set in an uninhabited Island most probably in the Pacific Ocean.

What is the significance of the title ‘Lord of the Flies’?

Simon conceives Lord of the Flies to the pig’s head surrounded by flies which shows the character of Jack as devil like Satan.

What is the boys’ home country?

England is the boys’ home country.

Why does Golding use British schoolboys in ‘Lord of the Flies’?

Golding did used the British schoolboys in “Lord of The Flies’ because they belong to the civilized country but when they have opportunity, their inherent instinct got rise in the shape of good or evil.

What is the major theme of ‘Lord of the Flies’?

The major theme of the ‘Lord of The Flies’ is ‘Evil is not external but it is inherent and suppressed by the society and country’s rules in a civilized world’.

Who kills Piggy?

When Ralph, Samneric and Piggy came to get back the Piggy’s glasses from Jack, during the conversation between Piggy and Jack, Roger slips the bolder on Piggy and Piggy killed.

Why does Jack paint his face?

Jack paints his face to hide from pigs but his major purposes are to show authority and violence, and to create fear among other boys.

Interpret ‘Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood’.

It is third mock hunt in which they killed the Simon by conceive him as beast. It shows their savagery and violence.

What role does the conch play in ‘Lord of the Flies’?

Conch is the symbol of authority and democracy. It is used to gather all the boys, authority to speak and symbolize civilized world.

How and why do the boys make fire?

Boys make fire by Piggy’s glasses to make smoke as signal for passing by ships and plans to rescue them.

Who or what is the Lord of the Flies?

Lord of the Flies refers to the pig’s head which was rotting and flies were surrounding it. It symbolizes the character of Jack.


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