Short Questions with Answers of TEFL

What are the effective principles of language teaching in Pakistan?

The effective principles of language teaching are provide maximum opportunity to learn, maintain academic focus, have high expectations, show enthusiasm, use different strategies for students motivation and productivity, familiar to unfamiliar, easy to hard task and use clear instructions.

Should all the TEFL teacher be dynamic? Explain briefly.

Yes, should all the TEFL teacher be dynamic because the learning material is rapidly changing and use of technology in teaching learning process is increasing day by day.

Some vocabulary items are hard to teach than the others. Comment

Some unfamiliar vocabulary items are hard to teach than familiar items because unfamiliar item needs different strategies to teach like etymology of words, words associations and synonyms antonyms.

List some factor affecting foreign language learning in Pakistan.

Factors affecting foreign language learning in Pakistan are political instability, religious discrimination, non-availability of budgets and non-availability of language laboratories and equipment.

How will you differentiate between TEFL and TESOL?

TEFL stands for Teaching of English as Foreign Language. It means teaching of English in a country where English is not native language. For example: teaching of English in Pakistan.
TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. It means the teaching of English to those people whose mother language is not English either in English native countries or non-English native countries.

What is meant by approach, method and technique?

An Approach: we can define it is an ideology, theoretical stances and beliefs about the nature of language learning and the nature of language and both in teaching learning process.
A Method is defined as a set of classroom requirements and set of procedures based on an approach for completing linguistic activities.
A Technique is defined as set of exercises, activities and devises used in a lesson plan in language classroom to obtain lesson objectives.

What is the approach of language behind audio- lingual method?

Behaviorist approach of language is behind audio-lingual method. In this approach language is considered as a form of behavior and it emphasize the repetition technique.

What are the major principles of communicative language teaching?

The major principles of communicative language teaching are, language learning is learn to communicate, dialogues did not memorized but use for communication function, meaning is paramount, contextualization is basic principle and errors are accepted but communication is required.

Differentiate between syllabus designing and lesson planning? Give examples.

A syllabus design is a written description of the contents and requirements of a course but lesson plan is the detail description of the course of instruction for an individual lesson to meet the objective of lesson by teacher.

What is meant by receptive and productive vocabulary span? Give examples.

Receptive vocabulary span means the total vocabulary of listening and reading words of an age group.
Productive vocabulary span means the total vocabulary of speaking and writing words of an age group.
For examples: An age group twenty (20) knows 42000 words.

What is meant by eclectic approach? Give examples.

Eclectic approach is a multi-method approach in which the structural approaches mixed with communicative use or conversational use of language.

What is a need analysis in syllabus designing? Elaborate.

Need analysis in syllabus designing is to get information and analyze data about the previously acquired knowledge level, skills, communicative abilities and cognitive level of the learner and on these bases syllabus would be designed.

What is authentic material in language teaching? Give examples.

Authentic material in language teaching is the use of same language in the classroom as used in real life. A material which filled the gap between classroom language use and real life language use.

How abstract items (nouns) are taught in direct method? Give examples.

In the Direct method the abstract items like abstract nouns are taught in the association of idea. For example: Bravery is taught through the idea of a brave man.

Write down characteristics of structural syllabus. Support with examples.

The characteristics of structural syllabus are first learn the grammatical rules and lexical structures then apply them to practical use. For example: Tenses study then paragraph writing. Etymology of words then sentences structures.

What is classroom management? Elaborate the roles of teacher in an EFL class.

Classroom management means the management of environment, discipline, activities, equipment and instructional materials in the classroom. Teacher plays an important role to manage the classroom. Teacher sets the rules, motivates the students, arranges the equipment and manages the activities and instructional materials.


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