Short Answers of Florence Nightingale “Lytton Strachey”

Miss Florence Nightingale inspired a spirit of selfless services among the women specially, nurses. Explain?

Miss Florence Nightingale set the example for women as a general and particularly for nurses through his selfless services as a nurse.

What is the theme of “Florence Nightingale”?

The main theme of the Florence Nightingale is selfless services of nurse and hospital sanitary management.

What is “Florence Nightingale” about?

It is about Florence Nightingale the second daughter of William Edward Nightingale and Frances Smith who had selfless services as a nurse.

What is Biography?

Biography is one of literary genre. It is a detailed story about a person’s life written by another person. It includes education, status, work, relations, important experiences of life and death.

What is Autobiography?

Autobiography is one kind of biography, a literary genre. It is a detailed description of life written by oneself.

Define Memoir

Memoir is one kind of biography but it is historical account of a person’s life.

Differentiate between memoir and autobiography.

Memoir and autobiography both are kinds of biography. Memoir is historical account of a person’s life written by someone else and autobiography is self-written detailed description of life.

What was she given the name, Florence Nightingale?

Florence Nightingale was given the nameThe Lady of the lamp”.

Why Miss Florence Nightingale was admired?

Miss Florence Nightingale was admired due to her selfless services as nurse.

What was the repute of nursing in Victorian Era?

In Victorian Era the nursing profession is not good reputed due to immoral conduct. Nurses are indulging in drinking and sexual irregularities.

What do you know about Crimean War?

Crimean war fought in Crimea between Britain, Turkey and France on one side and Russia on other side in September, 1853.

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