Short Questions and Answers of Introduction to Culture and Imperialism by Edward Said

Introduction: Culture and Imperialism by Edward Said Question with Short Answers includes explanation of Imperialism, colonialism, post-colonialism, Literary allusions.

Who is Edward Said?

Edward Said was a Palestinian American and Professor at Columbia University. He was political activist, literary critic and founder of the postcolonial studies.

Why is Edward Said famous?

Edward Said is famous as a founder of post colonialism critical theory.

What is the source of Culture and Imperialism?

The source of ‘Culture and Imperialism’ is the ‘Orientalism’.

What is the main focus of Edward Said in “Introduction to Culture and Imperialism”?

The main focus of Edward Said in ‘Introduction to Culture and Imperialism’ is the relationship between the imperial and imperialized culture.

When was Culture and Imperialism published?

‘Culture and Imperialism’ is consist of essays written by Edward Said and was published in 1993.

What is imperialism?

Imperialism is a policy of one country to extend his power and influence on foreign country, to use natural resources of that country.

What is colonialism?

Colonialism is a policy or practice of developed countries to make colonies in foreign backward countries by force and get partial or full political control.

What is post colonialism?

Post colonialism is the study of political, social, economic, religious and cultural conditions of colonies and the effect of colonial rules on culture and religion etc.

What are literary Allusions?

Literary Allusion is a literary device or figure of speech and it is an indirect reference to a literary character, literary place, literary thing or event in a literature work.

What are literary Illusions?

An illusion is something that is untrue and not real. It tricks the human mind into thinking an unreal into a real.

Write the names of four works of Edward Said?

Edward Said works are “Orientalism”, “Covering Islam”, “The World, the text and the critic”, “Nationalism, Colonialism and Literature”, ”Out of Place: A Memoir” and “Culture and Imperialism”.

Why does Edward Said call American ‘A Dishonest Broker’?

Edward Said called American ‘A Dishonest Broker’ because America in the peace process between Palestine and Israel supported the Israel.

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