March 2017

Tess as a pure woman

Tess as a Pure Woman according to Hardy Thomas Hardy used the title of the novel Tess of the d’Urbervilles and A pure woman is the subtitle of the play. So, its means that Hardy himself consider Tess as a pure woman. Pure in  attention and soul, not physically Tess is not pure physically as […]

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Use of irony in “The Wild Duck by Henrik Ibsen”

Introduction : Use of irony in the Wild Duck includes explanation of irony and examples from Act I. II, III, IV and V. What is irony? “The contrast between appearance and reality is called irony“.  There are many types of irony like irony of dialogue, irony of situation and irony of character etc. First, what

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Hello world!

             These notes will teach you the basics of English literature. The critical study of different genres of English literature like novel, drama, poetry, prose, criticism and American literature. Here you can study history of English literature, study skills, linguistics, stylistics and many more. These notes are divided into various

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