Tess as a pure woman


Thomas Hardy used the title of the novel Tess of the d’Urbervilles and A pure woman is the subtitle of the play. So, its means that Hardy himself consider Tess as a pure woman.

Pure in  attention and soul, not physically

Tess is not pure physically as Hardy himself calls her “maiden no more” but the loss of virginity under the circumstances like rape does not loss the purity. She is pure in her attention and soul.

Tess’s association with Alec

Tess’s association with Alec shows her unwillingness at every point. When Alec seduced her she was in sleep. She becomes his mistress when her family out of shelter. Murder of Alec also shows her unwillingness of this association.

Tess’s irritation at Alec‘s progresses

When Alec tries to put strawberries into her mouth she tells him that she eat herself and also shows irritation from this type of behavior of Alec. Then on the way to Trantridge Alec tries to kiss her but she tries to avoid him she dropped the hat and came down and pass the remaining way by foot. As  his employee she reserved her but Alec advances.

Seduction under situations

When Alec seduced her at that time she was physically tired,  mentally drowsy due to clash with mates and In half sleep condition. Tess says to Alec when leaving Trantridge:                                                                                                                         “My eyes were dazed by you for little, and that was all. I didn’t understand your meaning till it was two late”.

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