Character Sketch of Faredoon

Introduction: Character sketch of Faredoon in the novel Crow Eaters by Bapsi Sidwa. In this article the character of Faredoon is explained as presented in the Novel Crow Eaters.

About the Writer

Bapsi Sidwa is a writer of the novel “Crow Eaters”. She belongs to the Parsi (Zoroastrian) religion and born in Pakistan. She has written this novel “Crow Eaters” on Parsi religion and culture.

Exposition of the Character

Fredoon is the main character and protagonist of the novel “Crow Eaters”. His complete name is Fredoon Junglewala. He was called Junglewala due to his previous village from where he came. He was migrated from the anonymous jungle of India to Lahore. His nickname is Freddy; it is from the name Fredoon.

Financial condition of Faredoon

He is a hard worker and clever man. When, he came from the anonymous jungle of India to Lahore, he was a penny less. And he started his business in Lahore. Due to his hard work, polite language and cleverness, he got money from the insurance company by deceiving them. And after getting the money he never looked back. At the end of the novel he was a very prosperous man in the Parsi community.

Major problems in the life of Faredoon

Jerbano is the major problem in his life. Jerbano who is his mother-in-law is disturbing him in each and every matter. Her disturbance becomes low only when she was afraid on the event. In which, Fredoon want to get the lock of her hairs, but she wakes up and give splash on the Fredoon’s face. She also disturbed the Tanya and the wife of Poe Allen, which is also problem for Fredoon.

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Aristotle’s theory of “Imitation”

Introduction: Aristotle’s concept of Imitation is explained from Poetics point of view.

Plato’s idea of imitation

Plato gives the example of carpenter who is making a bed. The idea of bed in the mind of a carpenter is real and bed is copy of that idea. So the idea of nature by God is real and nature is copy and poet copy the nature, so poetry twice removed from reality. It is a “shadow of shadows“, “copy of copy“.

Aristotle’s concept of imitation

Aristotle’s concept of Imitation or Theory of Imitation is not mere copy but presentation of the ideal reality. Poet does not represent the outward appearance but represents deeper reality. A tragic poet represents the hero better than average which is representation of the idea of human nature, it is not mere representation of outward appearance. He says that poetry deals with ideal reality and the significance of poetic truth that is Universal, essential and permanent.
Aristotle says that poet is creator not mere copier.

Medium of poetry

In the kinds of fine arts like poetry, music and painting the medium of poetry and music is harmony and rhythm but the medium of painting is color and form. So, poetry linked with music not with painting. Language is also common element of poetry and music.

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