Critical analysis of ‘Philosophy and Politics’ by Bertrand Russell

Introduction : Critical Analysis of the Philosophy and Politics by Bertrand Russell includes the views of Democritus, Plato, Locke & George Hegel. Dogmatism & Imperialism also explained.

General introduction of philosophy

What is philosophy? Philosophy is love for wisdom or knowledge. There are Three branches of philosophy:


Study of knowledge

Ontology/ metaphysics

Study of really real


Study of value

Note:- It is divided into two main parts


Study of moral or values of human behavior


Values in sense, taste or beauty.

Introduction of this essay

Bertrand Russell in his book ‘ Unpopular Essays‘ he wrote this essay. In this essay he attack on the Hegel’s philosophy of dogmatism. And defended the Lock’s philosophy of empiricism.


Russell starts his essay with the philosophic background of England  and Germany. He says that British has produced brilliant philosopher. And British nation holds philosophy as such in dissatisfaction. It is British nation’s attitude towards philosophy. So, the connection between Philosophy and politics is weak in England.

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Short Questions and Answers of ‘Rape of the Lock’ by Alexander Pope

How far does Ariel succeed in guarding Belinda?

Ariel totally fail to guarding Belinda because Belinda has lost her beautiful lock.

What is the role of Ariel in “The Rape of the Lock”?

The role of the Ariel in ” The Rape of the Lock” is to guard and guide the Belinda.

Where did Belinda’s lock finally go?

Belinda’s lock finally goes to the lunar sphere.

Who is Betty and What duties she does?

Betty is maid servant of Belinda and she helps her in her toilet.

Name the pet dog of Belinda?

Shock is the name of the pet dog of Belinda.

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Short Questions and Answers of ‘Sonnets’ by Shakespeare

Write the Rhyme scheme of a Shakespearean sonnets?

The rhyme scheme of Shakespearean sonnets is abab cdcd efef gg.

What, in general, is the theme of Shakespearean sonnets?

The general themes in Shakespearean sonnets are love, disloyalty of beloved, immortality of art, admiration of beloved, art vs. time and power of time etc.

How does Shakespeare compare his beloved to a summer’s day?

Summer in Europe is pleasant due to greenery and flowers but Shakespeare says that his beloved is more beautiful than summer’s day, summer’s day may be hot or cool and the beauty of summer fade away. His beloved remains beautiful as preserved in this poem.

Define sonnet?

Sonnet is a poem of fourteen lines written in iambic pentameter and having some rhyming scheme.

Who is ‘Dark Lady’ in Shakespearean sonnets?

Mary Fitton is the dark lady in Shakespearean sonnets.

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