Short questions and answers of ‘Oedipus Rex’1

What is Creon’s defense against the accusations against him?
Creon replied on Oedipus accusations that he was already sharing the authority and power without any responsibility on my shoulder then why I should want to grab the crown?

Who is Choragos?
In Oedipus the chorus consist of Theban;s elders and Choragos is leader of that chorus. He comments and rest of chorus repeat or chant.

Why did Oedipus and Laius confront?
There was a prophecy about Oedipus that “he would kill his father and marry his mother” so, they confronted and Oedipus killed the Laius.

Why did Oedipus kill Laius where the three roads meet?
Oedipus killed the Laius in self-defense where three roads meet. He conceive them as robber and attacking on him. Actually it is predestined.

What was the prophecy about Oedipus?
The prophecy about Oedipus that “he would kill his father and marry his mother”.

What answer Oedipus gave to Sphinx of the riddle?
Oedipus answer was “man” (In childhood on four legs, in youth on two feet, and in old age on three feet (the third foot is stick)) to Sphinx and she threw herself off the cliff and died.

Who was Tiresias?

Tiresias is a blind seer in Theban elders.

 Why does Tiresias get furious with Oedipus?

Tiresias get furious with Oedipus because Oedipus accused him for uniting with Creon to grab the crown.

Why had Oedipus fled Corinth many years before?

Oedipus had fled Corinth because he had listened a prophecy about him that he would kill his father and marry with his mother. So, he wants to avoid this.

Define paradox.

Paradox is a statement or belief which apparently shown false but in reality it is true.

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