Feminist Issues presented in short story The Tallest Woman

Feminist Issues presented in the short story The Tallest Woman by Maham javaid is the short analysis with feminist point of view.

Feminist movement is divided in three waves; first wave feminist movement, second wave feminist movement and third wave feminist movement. All three waves of feminist movements worked for the female rights, right to vote, gender equality, sexual harassment and power relations. Maham Javaid presented few feminist issues that prevailing in Pakistani society in her short story “The Tallest Woman”. Feminist issues that presented in short story are as following.

Marriage is an important issue especially for women in Pakistan. In this short story the marriage is main issue in beginning of the story that Zainab becomes taller and taller day by day and her mother was worry about her, she said, “What kind of man will agree to marry a woman that taller than himself?” and when become a giantess her mother know, “no sane man would ask for the hand of a giantess”.

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